Feature: Tiny Home Living

Feb 17, 2017, 13:32 PM
Tiny home living is still trending, but a fun blog on HGTV reminded us how some famous fictional characters have long embraced small space dwellings. Remember Jeannie’s bottle on I Dream of Jeannie? Oscar the Grouch’s compact trash can condo on Sesame Street? The Keebler elves and their mini tree house abode?

Tiny House

Here’s some BIG numbers on tiny home living:
- 68% of tiny home owners have no mortgage, compared to 29.3% of U.S. homeowners
- The average tiny house is 186-square-feet while the standard U.S. house takes up near 2,100-square-feet or nearly 11.3 tiny houses
- Women make up 55% of tiny home owners, men 45%
- 78% percent of tiny home people own their home, compared to 65% of owners of traditional homes

Tiny Home

Tiny homes are definitely now beyond TV screens today and interest is not slowing. Do you think you could live in 200-square-feet or less? Come take a tour of the Tiny Home Village at the Birmingham Home Show coming up February 17-19 at the BJCC.

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