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Bugs Be Gone

Bugs Be Gone
Gardendale AL
Booth: 427

Company Description:

Automatic Misting System for Protection Against Mosquitos, Pests & Insects in the Birmingham & Huntsville Area Mosquitos, flies, spiders, wasps and other bugs are a major nuisance in the Birmingham and Huntsville areas. Mild winters, ample rain, and high humidity create a welcoming environment for these pests, but we can help you take back your outdoor living areas with our automatic misting system for insect, pest and mosquito control.

Efficient Outdoor Pest Control
Bugs Be Gone is the only company in the area to offer a major automatic misting system for homeowners. We received the Gold Dealer MistAway Award, indicating that our company is in the top 25% of MistAway dealers regarding the number of systems installed within the last year. We have a stellar history of providing personalized solutions for outdoor pest control.

We understand that every client’s home and comfort levels are different. We set up your misting system with automatic timers that are thoughtfully customized to suit your pain points and most effectively target the bugs that are bothering you.

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